Traveling is much more than the act of going someplace, of sightseeing, sampling the local cuisines and strolling down the usual attractions. Traveling is a state of being, a whole philosophy unto its own – a hidden world of undiscovered tastes, vistas, senses and feelings. More than just planning and “ticking” museums and sights out of a tourist checklist, traveling, in its truest sense, is wandering with mind, body, and spirit alike. And there is no better way to experience this concealed plane of stimuli, than traveling in luxury, and traveling to Greece.

Unearth your dreamlike luxury villa in Greece

Emerald forests, virgin and undefiled. Crystal-pale sandbars, cascading unto azure waters and sapphire seas. Floral gardens, sprawling amidst white-chappeled houses, cobbled alleyways hidden in wild wysterias, imposing mountaintops and mystifying cliffs – Greece is a place of raw, natural grandeur and fabled beauty. Blending history with mythology, weaving the modern with the rustic and pastoral, Greece needs to be experienced with the spirit of “halara”, a word translated to the quintessential essence of tranquility, easiness and unrushed deliberation. This is why luxurious villas are a traveler’s ideal sanctuary in Greece, as they blend so naturally into the breathtaking environment whilst providing all the modern accommodations you will ever require in your stay. Usually overlooking a magnificent vista, luxury villas, despite their name, are not targeted exclusively at celebrities, VIPs or vacationing politicians: Indeed, their competitive prices attract families, couples, and people traveling alone, forming hubs of diverse ideas and backgrounds – all they have in common, is their love for luxury travels.

A suite to suit your tastes

Villas are not the only type of accomodation that fits the bill for the eager traveler in Greece, however. There are plenty of specially crafted suites available, the so-called “pockets of paradise” that are so appealing and comforting, that a traveler might get seduced to stay there for the better part of their trip. Mykonos, Santorini, Limnos, Skiathos, Tinos – these are just a handful of the “jewels of Greece” that await eagerly to be experienced, with luxury suites in each and every one of them.

Traversing the land with the right type of transportation

Apart from the villas and other luxury spots for staying the night and sampling scrumptious breakfasts and meals, Greece is a place that needs to be traversed, traveled, walked and discovered. The countryside may at times seem to be resting at a serene pause, however, she is also ever changing and moving – and this is why the traveler has to have an easy and fast way to reach point B from point A. Renting a car is a no-brainer, and picking the most comfortable and reliable ride is just as important. Before reaching the country of history and ancient knowledge, make sure to define and identify the type of your travel: is it a wild search for raw beauty that mixes luxury with adventure? Then a jeep sounds ideal. Seeking a more leisurely vacation, one that entails hours of R&R and big time Citylife? Then a Mercedes or Vogue sound more up your alley.

Commanding the seas with luxury yachts

Taming the land with four-wheeled vehicles (however luxurious) is one thing. However, to fully grasp what it means to spend your holidays in Greece, you need to be able to master the seas. Well, it doesn’t get much better than renting a boat or yacht for your nautical escapades, as these vessels truly offer freedom of movement and will elevate any travel to an unrelinquishable memory. Picture this: you are slowly drifting the kaleidoscopic waters of a sunset-painted Mediterranean, keeling ever so gently to one side to take in the salty breeze and to marvel at the marine life dancing undeseas – while still remaining cozy and in luxury.

The perfect storm

Indeed, Greece is a paradise on Earth, a place so drenched in history and myth, that every stone and every ruin exudes an atmosphere of belongingness and familiarity. At the same time, Greece is the country of sea, sun and sand, of marvelous local dishes, of exotic marine life, non-stop nightlife and constant learning. It is populated by people that value “philoxenia” – hospitality and kindness – to a great degree, of people that have crafted masterfully the perfect experience for travelers with but a simple, yet quite powerful component – luxury. Because when the traveler is feeling safe, cared for and satiated in every way, then the mantle of sojourn falls off, revealing the true face of man: a man who feels at home.

Let Greece become your home, with luxury travels.